skip Trowel Texture

Remove Skip Trowel Wall and Ceiling Texture across Southern California

Are you wondering who offers skip trowel finish services in Southern California? Perfect Drywall Finish Inc. is the leading drywall skip trowel texture finish service provider across Southern California, including Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Santa Monica, and neighboring regions.

When it comes to applying or removing drywall finishes, many drywall installers often refuse because they don’t offer comprehensive drywall services. Here, at Perfect Drywall Finish Inc., we are your one-stop solution for drywall services, including rendering popular finishes such as skip trowel finish and their removal in case you get bored of the existing finish.

What is Skip Trowel Texture?

Skip trowel finish is among the most popular textured drywall finishes because of its appealing look. Skip trowel is the tool that is used to apply the texture. This texture layer is thin and the angle of the trowel tool allows the plaster to skip across the surface, resulting in a skip trowel texture.

If you also wish to have this texture on your drywalls, consider Perfect Drywall Finish Inc. Our excellent workmanship will give you only the best results.


Skip Trowel Texture Removal

At Perfect Drywall Finish Inc, we also remove trowel texture for those homeowners who have enjoyed this texture for years and are now looking forward to having a smooth finish. Besides, most modern design trends also favor a smooth and seamless drywall finish over a textured approach.

When you go online and check out ideas for modern homes and décor, you will almost always see smooth walls and finishes. Textured walls are hardly present in contemporary and modern homes. So, when you are thinking about home remodeling or renovation, you might also want to get rid of the skip trowel ceiling texture and wall texture that has been there for a long time.

Quality Is Our Promise.

When you hire us to remove skip trowel texture, we always begin by covering all the furniture and sealing off openings in the room. If we encounter hidden damage or staining after starting the texture removal project, we can also take care of that.

Once the skip trowel texture is removed, we ensure that your walls and ceilings look smooth by patching and skim coating if needed.

Do you want to know how much skip trowel texture removal will cost you? Call us at (562) 343-4484 for FREE estimates now.