Orange Peel Texture

Orange Peel Texture Services in Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Santa Monica, and other areas in Southern California

Do you wish to apply or remove orange peel texture on your walls or ceilings? If yes, we can help you do that affordably and efficiently.

Perfect Drywall Finish Inc. is the most trusted drywall service provider in Southern California for services related to orange peel texture. We specialize in orange peel texture removal and all drywall repairs that you might need along the way.

Orange Peel Texture Removal

For many homeowners, home remodeling and renovation project starts with removal of existing texture on the wall. It is natural to look forward to something different to bring the feeling of freshness and rejuvenation. When you are looking at textured walls for years, you might crave for smooth finish to create a serene and contemporary aesthetic in your home.

Many people also want to remove orange peel texture when they relocate to a new home where walls are already done with orange peel. So, whether you are starting your remodeling project in a home you are living for years or you need the new home to be ready before you move in, we will perform quick and efficient removal of orange peel texture and also apply smooth finish if that is what you want after texture removal.

We offer orange peel texture removal services all over Southern California, including Los Angeles, Newport Beach, and Santa Monica.


DIY Orange Peel Removal vs. Professional Orange Peel Removal

While many things can be done without professional help, we recommend hiring professionals to remove orange peel texture for many reasons. The most obvious reason is the end result you get when you hire professionals is smooth walls after removal process.

Besides, we cover all the furniture and appliances and seal off all the openings so that everything remains safe and secure. Plus, if orange peel texture was applied for 1970s, there are higher chances that it has asbestos. This means removing it on your own can have health- related consequences.

With Perfect Drywall Finish Inc, you can rest assured the orange peel texture removal job will be done right the first time.

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